How to get Google play store book reward.


If your are looking for google playstore rewards you are on the correct platform . If your looking for the books then you will find very useful of this 100 rupees playstore reward because I bought 200 rupees book and I had to pay 100 rupees only . They were offering the rewards for a perticular dates . How to get Google play store book rewards ?.

If you are looking for google playstore rewards,playstore book rewards.Google rewards ,playstore reward .How to get google play store book rewards. How to get google play 100 rupees book purchase rewards.Then Read the full article to know more….

Follow all these steps to claim the rewards.To get answer for How to get play store 100 rupees book purchase rewards .And How to get Google play store book rewards .

How to get Google play store book  rewards ?
Get Google play rewards

Google play

Google play is a digital distribution service operated by Google ,lunched on 2008. Used by millions of customers . Most of the apps were downloaded by using Google play .Under the Google play terms and condition. Ussually called as Google Play store .

How to get Google play store rewards

Google play rewards

  1. How to claim google play rewards ?

  2. Go to -> playstore menue

  3. Go to ->accounts

  4. Select “Get Book” option to claim the rewards

Terms and condition to claim the rewards .

  • credits may only be applied to eligible titiles price more than 100 ruppes .
  • Eg: If you buy a book of price 105 rupees you
    need to pay only 5 rupees .
  • Offer expires after 21days of redemption.
  • Reedem and use of the offer on Google playstore from compitable internet connected Google account .
  • Open for the compitants based on the purchase history.
  • Valid for India only .
  • Google payments account required .
  • Age restrictions apply .

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