How to solve Cloudflare errors


Cloudflare errors . How to solve cloudflare errors. Why cloudflare showing errors . Why website is showing not lunched . How to set Up cloudflare for godaddy domains . Why website content is not loading.Erros in connecting hosting to cloudflare CDN. How to connect cloudflare using plugin. How to activate cloudflare free SSL.

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What is cloudflare CDN

Cloudflare CDN is a Content Development Network. It makes website faster and it magnifies the website and helps in loading the website the website faster through which website ranks faster. Cloudflare provides paid and free SSL certification for which most of the user sign up for. The Go News implemented this SSL certificate which is secured.

How to connect domains to cloudflare

To Activate all features provided by cloudflare the user must connect thier domain to cloudflare .The steps to

connect domains to cloudflare is easy. By following easy steps any one can connect any domain from any domain providers they can connect to cloudflare . All Steps are given below .Follow steps 1-4 to connect domains with cloudflare . Read errors occures in cloudflare during the steps followed in the last section. Any one can do the following steps because it don’t require any coding knowledge.

How set up free SSL in cloudflare

cloudflare provides free SSL for all registered users for which most of the user join their network. Steps to be followed to set up free SSL of cloudflare .Follow all steps below 5 to setups Free SSL in cloudflare .Read errors in setting up cloudflare.

How to solve cloudflare errors
How to solve cloudflare errors

How to setup cloudflare

  1. How to connect domains to cloudflare

    signup for

  2. Change your domain name server to cloudflare nameserver

  3. Add all records in cloudflare which are necessary

    Just copy all records from domain record (COPY IT before change namecheap ) in DNS section

  4. Wait few minutes until cloudflare validates

  5. Following steps are followed to setup SSl certificate

    Set SSL mode to flexible

  6. Go to always use https

    Set ‘On’

  7. Go to automatic https Rewrites

    Set ‘On’

  8. Add a page rule

    Replace your domain name with

  9. Add on plugin in wordpress if using wordpress site.

    Select plugin->add plugin-> cloudflare

  10. Setup cloudflare plugin

    Connect your cloudflare account with plugin

  11. Add another plugin

    Plugin->Add new-> really simple SSL

Erros in setting up cloudflare

Many erros in cloudflare found during execution of above steps . By solving errors in cloudflare set up your website will be public.

  • Make sure that cloudflare pointing to you hosting.
  • Make sure all recordsrecords are added in cloudflare .
  • If hosting is set to ‘reset’ the server will be changed and the new server address must be replaced by old one in cloudflare .
  • Buy paid SSL or set free SSL as flexible.
  • Don’t forget to add page rules.
  • Enable caching for better performance
  • Add cloudflare plugin in wordpress

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