Different Uses of Computers and download pdf


Hi ,Guys in this article I am trying to explain different uses of Computers.

Nowadays computers are uses in all the fields. It became the major part of every operation or every experiment. Computers making the works easier . In 2020 Computers were uses for commercial as well as Gaming Purposes.

You may ask ,

mighty I have seen computers being used
at different places what do people do
with it.
Good Question nowadays people are using
computer for different purposes. 

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see what are the different uses of a

Uses of computers in Office

Uses  of computers in office,uses of computers, different uses of computers,

we use banks to keep our money safe. Bank uses a computer in the creation of account in the bank, transactions, transfer of funds, alert messages, transaction messages, used of banking with ATM (Automatic Teller Machine)card which can be accessed any part of the globe, Online banking etc.

  • To create files
  • And to make designs of projects
  • to send and receive messages
  • And to make documentation of the transactions, events that are carried out every day along with the money, funds transactions.
  • To create Payroll for all the events either in the form of letters or specific application software are used, payroll for employee, audit etc.,

Uses of computers in banks

  • uses a computer to maintain accounts
  • to print bank statements or pass books of account holders

Uses of computers in Railway stations

At railway station real means use computers

  • for booking tickets and for reservation
  • to maintain train timings
  • to check seats are available or not to issue or book seats

Uses of computers in schools

Computers are implemented in the schools for the

creation of school ID card, (some schools have smart card with the IC’ s embedded) which contains the details of the student.

The creation of marks card, attendance, learning the subject with audio and video and fees collection so on are the few examples.

Uses of computers  in schools
  • Serve both school staff and students in their work
  • To draw pictures
  • and to prepare report cards
  • To make timetables
  • And to teach maps science and other subjects

Uses of computers in business

Uses of computers in stock market

  • Stock control in business firms: Computers are used in the shops and business for the stock account of the movements of the items in business and the money transactions along with the shipping of the items with the quantity price and quality expiry date ,the tracing of the product at any given point of time etc.,
  • Stock Exchange: To check the stock exchange globally, transaction of sell and buying of the stock can be done with the help of computers, stock exchange members carry out the
    transactions only with the help of computers, and online trading is carried through out the world, sitting at one place.

Research and development.

Research and developments : As new invention taksplace they are designed and implemented with the animated virtual viewed with scientific and mathematical equations in the labs, with the help of computers and . models are implemented in the real world which saves time, resource, money etc.,

Uses of computers in Entertainment

Entertainment and News :As audio and video are created in the studio after the pictures is taken the editor process is carried out simultaneously. NEWS are telecasted live and immediately

Uses  of computers  in film industry,
Different Uses of Computers and download  pdf
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Different Uses of Computers and download pdf
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